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Now that we are talking about Solar Applications today, let’s start with discussing what many of you must be having in your minds- what is Solar Power and Solar Application? So let us begin…

Solar Power or as popularly called Solar Energy is the Power/Energy obtained after the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Whereas, applications that run using solar energy or solar power are called Solar Applications. These applications are in the current times, one of the most useful applications and highest in demand, due to various advantages associated with them. They are extremely efficient affordable and most importantly; offer value for money.

Now let’s look at some Benefits of Solar Applications

The application runs on Solar Power, which is:

1. Renewable form of energy-this means it is extremely cost      effective
2. Inexhaustible form of energy-it again adds value to the      application
3. Unpaid form of energy-you need to pay only once for      installation, hence it is affordable
4. Non-Polluting-thus extremely beneficial for environment